Monday, 11 April 2016

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I made it to the point in this pregnancy where I have to start meeting my midwife every 2 weeks instead of once a month. This baby is really coming soon! (I'm almost 29 weeks). I'm at the sweet spot of pregnancy. I look cute in maternity clothes, I can still sleep relatively well, the baby is big enough that I can really feel its kicks and movements (my placenta is in front this time and it took a long time to really feel strong movements). I am not one of those women who looooves being pregnant, but I do like it and I'll miss it after having the baby. Obviously it's not all easy. My hormones are all over the place, it's hard to get ready in the morning (all that bending over getting dressed etc. not to mention I'm not a morning person on the best of days) and I get very tired, but I'm happy most of the time.

28 weeks

28 weeks
Paloma is doing great. Her language is really exploding. Currently, her favourite thing to say is "need some mo!" and it's the cutest thing ever. She still prefers helping Mom & Dad do things to playing with her toys. Although she will entertain herself for short times by reading books or playing with her baby, she would prefer to help Mom bake or clean. She certainly knows what she wants and has no problem letting me know and there are days where she really test my patience, but for the most part, she's such a joy to be around and it's amazing watching her grow and discover the world.

She's been sleeping in her big girl bed for almost 6 months now and does great. If she's sick, she still comes in my bed, but generally she stays in her bed until about 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning then calls me to come in my bed for a snuggle and we keep sleeping until Andino comes and wakes us up at 6:30 to get ready for work/daycare or if it's the weekend, we'll sleep until 7:00 or 7:30. The way the new house is set up, two bedrooms were made into one huge master bedroom. My bed is on one side and hers is on the other. When baby comes, we plan to move her into the other bedroom where her crib currently is. I'll post pictures when it's all done, but currently we are working on decorating her room with a fish/mermaid theme and plan to move the bed soon. This way, the new baby will hopefully not wake her up through the night. Hopefully the move doesn't mess up her sleeping too much...

I'll leave you with some photos taken over the last few weeks...

reading to the dogs

having a treat at Cafe Francais

Still wrap her up from time to time

Enjoying a sunny day with Dad

Visiting Dad in the studio

So serious


  1. It's so good to hear from you and read an update!! I just did a big update on Friday trying to get myself back in the swing of blogging, too!
    You look amazing and Paloma is getting SO big!! This is definitely a patience-trying age, that's for sure. I can't believe you are almost 29 weeks, man does it fly by!! Hope to see you more regularly! You have definitely been missed!

  2. What a cutie! Glad to hear things are going well. Sounds like the new home is working out too.

  3. I know it's crazy but I honestly think she looks a lot like Andino. So glad you're feeling well and life is good!

    1. I think the same thing. She really, truly does.

  4. Ah, you're so cute! Glad to hear the big girl bed is going well!!

  5. Oh man she is getting so big! Glad that the big girl bed is going well- as you know I was so worried about that transition with Izzy!

  6. Girl you rock that baby belly! What a gorgeous family, I'm sure the new addition will be no exception. :)

    Also, I can't wait to hear the new music.


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