Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Gypsy Mama Potty Training

Paloma has been doing so well potty training. I've been doing everything backwards from what the "experts" recommend and it's been going amazing. I started out following the rules in the 3 day potty training method, but halfway into day 3 I got too frustrated and decided to throw in the towel. I called my parents to vent about how frustrating potty training is and Dad told me how they potty trained us. - Slowly, no pressure, over time. I figured it was worth a try since the 3 day method was too intense for my personality/parenting style. Now, she wears diapers at daycare and when there are a lot of people around to distract her, but otherwise when she's home with us she wears her underwear. We never ask her if she needs to go, because she knows. She'll run down the hall with her pants down saying "peee! peee!" and a few seconds later we'll hear the music playing on the potty to signal that she's peed. She doesn't like pooping on the potty, but she has done it and is getting better at it. She does sometimes have accidents, especially if she is playing outside, but rarely. We even took her out of the house in underwear the other day to run some errands and no accidents! we kept the potty in the car and she used it once. I call my potty training method the Gypsy Mama method. Basically it's the same as all my other parenting methods, do it in a relaxed style that is easiest on the parents. The most important thing with my method is to keep track of when she last peed so I can put her on the potty if it's been a couple hours. I never force her to sit down if she doesn't want to though. We don't give her rewards because she love emptying the potty in the toilet so much that she doesn't seem to need a reward. She also really loves wearing her big girl underwear. The other day, I'd put her in her diaper and pyjamas for bedtime and went to the bathroom to braid my hair. (so it would be wavy the next day) When I came out, she'd taken her pants and diaper off, put on underwear and put her p.js back on!

In other news, I was recently selected to sit on the Board of Directors for the YWCA. I've never been on a board before and I'm a bit nervous since I don't know any other board members but mostly I'm just excited. We had the AGM last night and a few other events/meetings planned over the next couple months, then we break for July & August which is great because the baby will be teeny tiny then. They even told me if I'd like to, I can bring the baby with me to the meetings as other Board members have done the same in the past. I'm thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful organization doing great work in the community.

And for a little pregnancy update, things are still going well. Still on the fence about home birth. Feeling mixed feelings about the pregnancy coming to an end. While I still really want to have 3-4 kids, part of me realizes that this could possibly be my last pregnancy, because you just never know. When I get emotional about it, Andino reminds me to live in the present. He's really good at that, but me? not so much.

And now for some photos of life lately:

Ever wonder what supplies are needed for a home birth?

Side view

Front view

Lola keeping the squirrels at bay

Visitng Daddy for sound check


  1. I'm not a fan of the 3-day method either. Too much pressure on all parties. She-Beat is day trained (though is showing signs for not needing a diaper during naptime). He-Beat is still a work in progress. But you know, I prefer to work with him and let him know he's loved instead of stressing about getting through this milestone. So I'm with you on your philosophy.

    Glad to hear things are going well. And congratulations on the board position!

  2. I think that it is great that you have created your own method. Every parent and child is different and whatever works for your family is what you should use!

    Congrats on the board position!

  3. good to hear your experiences with this. Paloma sounds so smart! We are going to start doing some sort of potty training for AJ mainly because she seems to have a lot of difficulty pooping in diapers and I think she's holding it and getting constipated. I like the idea of easygoing and gentle on everyone!


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