Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Life Lately

Non Mom Stuff: 

Work has been steady. I work with newcomers to Canada and as you've seen on the news, we have received a lot of newcomers lately. I recently attended a work-related conference in Toronto. I was nervous to leave Paloma, but certainly a lot less nervous than the first time. I left Wednesday morning and came back just in time to put her to sleep Saturday night. She had a great time with her Dad and I know he enjoyed the special bonding time with her. Whenever I'm home, Paloma and I are always together so it was nice for him to have a chance to get some extra snuggles and love. While in Toronto, I got to meet up with Aramis  and her little guy for lunch. It was my first time meeting a blog friend in real life and it was great! Q was such a chill baby and even let me hold him for a few minutes. It was so nice to be able to talk in person with her. 

I've been researching a new organization to support through my non-profit, Mamas 4 Mamas. It's going a little slower than I'd hoped, but I'm talking to two organizations (both in Africa) and hopefully we can finalize a partnership soon. Then I'll have to work on updating my website and organizing fundraising events throughout the year. My goal is to have most of those things done before baby comes. Fingers crossed.  


Things are going well. I had a midwife appointment on Monday and everything looked good. I'm measuring on track at 24 weeks and baby has been active. I've been mostly comfortable except for the usual discomfort from bending over and pants that are too tight. I confirmed at the last appointment that we are still planning to deliver in the hospital, although I have been thinking about a home birth. I remember last time how much I didn't want to get dressed and get in the car, drive to the hospital, get in the wheelchair, get in the bed... all I wanted to do was stay home and have the baby there. That being said, birth is messy and there is certainly a convenience factor of being at the hospital. If I had a home birth, I wouldn't have to worry about trying to get ahold of my sister in law at 4 in the morning to come over and watch Paloma. What would she think if she woke up and Mom & Dad weren't there? I know it's really not a big deal, but I can definitely see the appeal of a home birth. I need to do some more research...


I'm pretty sure I'm going to start potty training this weekend. She's almost 22 months and I was potty trained by the time I was 2. I've been doing a lot of reading up and I think she's ready. I wasn't sure if I should wait until after the baby is here because I'll be off work, but I'll still be really busy with a newborn and toddler so I figure it's better to start now. I talked to daycare about it briefly yesterday (her regular caregiver wasn't there so I'll ask her again today) and they said if I think she's ready then they'll be on board. They already sit all the kids on the potty before every diaper change anyway, but if they know I'm potty training her this Fri, Sat, Sun then they will be on board with whatever I'm doing. Wish me luck!

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