Thursday, 4 February 2016

Adoption Update

When Andino and I first looked into adoption, we first considered domestic adoption. We asked around (because it was hard to find concrete information online) and were told that it was an estimated 7 year wait for an infant adoption! We definitely didn't feel able to wait that long, so we decided to pursue international adoption. If you have been following my blog for a while, you'll know that we had the worst luck in adoption. We first looked into adopting from Colombia, but then that program closed. Then we looked into adoption from Democratic Republic of Congo, but that closed as well.  Finally, we looked into adopting from Kenya, but before we could send our application to the agency, that program closed as well. It was such a frustrating time for us, as you can imagine. In between pursuing adoption, we had two failed cycles of IVF. Finally, we decided to move on and as you probably know, we were successful in becoming parents through IUI.

I still feel passionate about adoption and it's hard for me to imagine giving up my dream of having children through adoption. The cost of international adoption is definitely out of reach now, but I thought I'd call the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan to get a real understanding of the domestic process. I figure if it's so many years until the opportunity would present itself to be placed with a baby, maybe it's a good idea to start the process now. They gave me some good information and now I understand the process much better than before.

One thing I didn't know before, but I thought was great is that the prospective birth parents choose the adoptive parents (together with the caseworker). It would be an open adoption, which is definitely what we are looking for. There were only 14 babies placed through this process last year, so that's why it's such a long wait. There's even a 2 year wait between applying and actually making it into the pool of prospective adoptive parents the prospective birth moms look at. Which is why I wanted to start now, but they said I'm not allowed to start until my baby is a year old. Then, it would be a 2 year wait to get to the waiting stage (which could potentially be years too).

Some other things she mentioned:

  • Many more babies are adopted by their foster parents than through this process. However, Saskatchewan doesn't have a foster-to-adopt program and you are discouraged from entering into foster care with the hopes of adopting, as the whole point of fostering is to give the birth parents the opportunity/time to get to a place where they can parent. 
  • Three times as many babies are placed through independent/direct adoption, but we are not allowed to advertise our interest in adoption by creating a waiting parent profile or by any other means. 
I guess we have plenty of time to think about what to do next, as I'm pregnant and the baby would have to be a year old before we are allowed to start the process, but I'm glad I contacted them and got the information. 

p.s. I think I fixed the photo problem in my last post 


  1. I love that you're still feeling the "calling". I also feel that way. We met with an adoption agency here in Calgary. Same same. Except they place about 50 babies per year. The wait time is 2-3 years. Much better than in SK!It seems like the prairies are quite a bit behind the times. We also wouldn't be able to "advertise" our plan. I use advertise loosely though, because even mentioning on FB or a blog would count as "advertising"... There definitely needs to be some advancements happening in the west!

  2. It's so cool that you continue to explore ways to adopt! It's eye-opening how difficult and expensive it is to even get a chance to adopt. And that doesn't even cover the challenges when adoption happens. I applaud you and I hope you get your chance!

  3. Wow...that's a crazy long time to wait. I can't believe with that long wait they have restrictions on when you can start waiting. I also admire your resolve to adopt! What a beautiful way to continue expanding your family!


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