Thursday, 24 September 2015

One Too Many Irons In The Fire

More than a few people have told me that if my life isn't busy, I'm not happy. I've been called Speedy Gonzalez by many people (currently one of my nicknames at work) and I can't say I disagree. I often feel like I have one too many irons in the fire, but for the most part, the constant motion doesn't bother me. Of course, there are times (and especially in the early days with Paloma when I was learning how to be a Mom) when I call my own mother to vent because I'm feeling so overwhelmed, but those days don't happen often. She always has the same advice - try to relax and just follow your instincts. You know your baby best. Don't read things on the internet. I think I've finally learned to take her advice to heart. Thank God.

I've heard parenting be compared to seasons and I think it's a great metaphor. Right now, we are in an easy season with Paloma. She's almost 16 months. Andino and I have been parents long enough to enjoy the easier seasons while we are in them and know that the challenging seasons - long & short - eventually pass.

I'm so thankful Paloma is an easy toddler at the moment because holy moly do Andino and I have a lot going on. We do it to ourselves. We are both ambitious people and we fill our free time with our hobbies. Calling them hobbies feels like minimizing what they really are. They are the things we are passionate about. Andino's music and my non-profit. It is so much work running them. Andino's always applying for music festivals and playing shows and we are both trying to stay on top of social media and researching and reaching out to people and having meetings. We both have to travel sometimes (Andino throughout the year, usually for short stints and me once a year for a week+ )

I'm going to book my flight to Honduras today. I will be flying into San Pedro de Sula the first week of November. I haven't even 100% decided how many days I'll be staying yet, but it will be about a week give or take a few days. We are having one last fundraiser before I leave and we are currently trying to sell tickets for that. I've been in regular contact with the organization in Honduras we are supporting, trying to arrange things, while also researching future partnerships and funding opportunities (of which I've found none...) I need to write a blog for my other website, now that I've finally got the new site looking half decent.

On top of all that stuff, our house just sold the other night and the posession date is November 15th. Which means Andino will be solo parenting for the first time, while also trying to pack to move and also working full time. The timing is definitely not ideal, but such is life.

Did I mention I'm on day 2 of clomid and we are still going ahead with the next IUI? Why not? I considered taking a break, but honestly, an IUI is really not much work compared to IVF and all the other things we've got going on.

So I may be absent again for a little bit, but if you want to follow my work in Honduras, please come visit me at I haven't written a blog there yet, but hopefully will start tomorrow.


  1. Im so early in the parenting game and I learned early on to take it day by day to learn on my own. WheN things come up that I have no idea about I do reach out to my own mother or friends i trust. We do know whats best for our babies no two babies are alike. Goodluck on this new cycles, hope to hear great news Soon.

  2. I think it's awesome that you are following your passions. I do hope that Andino Suns is in my neighbourhood one day (Please let me know if so). I would love to hear them! And good luck with this cycle and with Mamas4Mamas. I hope your cup runs over with good things.

  3. Congrats on selling the house. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly with the move, your cycle and the trip!
    Can't wait to see the new Mamas4Mamas site... I'll head on over. :)

  4. Congrats on selling your house! Having a lot on your plate is a good thing- as long as it makes you happy! Good luck with this next cycle.

  5. I can relate, I've always got to have a few things on the go. Totally off to check out the Mamas4Mamas site!

  6. Wheweeee! You are one busy Mama! While its overwhelming, I also believe you probably love being so busy at the same time. Go Andino for taking all that on while you are gone! Congrats on selling your house! Good luck with the fundraiser and your trip. And do you know the results of your IUI yet? Never mind. I realize it's way too early to have that answer, I'm sure!

  7. Wow Girl! That is a lot going on! But if that makes you happy and not stressed out then more power to you! I hope you have lots of lunch this cycle. Prayers and Baby Dust!! Keep us posted, sooner rather than later if you can!


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