Saturday, 27 September 2014

The End of the Third Trimester & 4 month Update

Our girl is 4 months old today. I just feel incredibly blessed every single day that I wake up in the morning. Even on mornings like today when she woke up at 5:30 am and decided it was party time and not sleepy time...I still feel blessed to have a family life with Andino and the dogs and the baby - it's what I wanted for so long. At first I was a little sad that she's growing up so fast. She's not an infant or newborn anymore, she's a baby now.  Infants are basically only awake long enough to eat, burp, look at you for a little bit, diaper change, hold your finger for a few minutes, cry a bit (or a lot) and fall back to sleep. As a parent, as long as you are feeding them every 2-3 hours, burping them after they eat and changing their diaper regularly, you can't really do anything more for them. In the beginning, Paloma couldn't care less who was holding her, she didn't seem to even recognize me until she was a month old. I didn't have to worry if I was doing enough to keep her entertained and stimulate her brain... just watching the dogs walk around was stimulating enough for her. (Actually, she still finds that quite entertaining.) But now? Girlfriend is so strong (physically) and has her own little personality. Andino and I always find ourselves saying things like "Oh she's a morning person like Daddy!" or "She's go-go-go like Mommy!"

As cool as it is to see her personality really developing and to interact with her in new ways, I kind of miss the days when she was so tiny and fragile. If I could go back to those days, knowing what I know now, I feel like I could prevent a lot of the crying spells she had that were caused by gas from not burping her enough. I would pump before I fed her in the morning so she didn't suffer from my overabundant milk supply. I've heard it said that you learn so much from your first baby that makes it easier the next time around. (Except in my Mom's case because my older brother was an easy baby and I had colic) but I totally get what my midwife meant when I went to her with my milk spraying everywhere and Paloma burping and farting and crying and choking and she said "don't worry, the first baby is like your practice baby. It won't be like this again."

And I have learned so much. I don't feel like a Rookie Mom anymore. I was telling my girlfriend today that I find the more confident I become as a Mom, the more I let unsolicited "helpful advice" slide right off my back. I'm confident in the choices I make for my daughter. So you gave your child solids at 4 months and gave her water at 2 months? More power to you Mama! Andino and I have chosen to follow Health Canada's Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants Recommendations to the T. Except for the Vitamin D supplementation because I think she's allergic to something in it because she gets red marks that last for a good 10 minutes wherever the drops dribble onto her chin ... but other than that I follow everything they recommend, and plan to continue to do so. Each family makes their own decisions and that's what makes every family unique. A lot of times, I find that cultural norms and expectations come into play with how you choose to raise your children. Especially in relationships where Mom & Dad are from two different cultures (such as Andino and myself) we have to pick and choose which traditions we'll follow and which ones we'll forego and create a parenting style that is all our own. I really, truly believe that as long as parents are doing what they believe to be in the best interests of their child, they are making the right choice. That's why I honestly don't care what and when you feed your child, what time you put them to bed, how many hours of consecutive sleep they get because of the sleep training you did or didn't do, how long you breastfed for or what kind of formula you use. No matter how different your choices are to mine, I'm sure you're doing a great job.

So here we are at 4 months. The end of the fourth trimester.  Paloma's not an infant anymore & I'm not a Rookie Mom anymore... It still feels surreal to be here.

Piercing! Paloma got her ears pierced.
Walks in the stroller. She seems to like the BOB stroller. 

Sucking on her fingers. Three at once preferably .
Shaking & chewing her keys
Sucking on her burp cloths. Not the fair-trade bunny from Nanny or the soft & cuddly toys or blankies... she loves burp cloths. (receiving blankets)
Taking naps outside
Jolly Jumping

The carseat. Lord help me.
Trust me, the level of dislike she has for the carseat this month is enough...


  1. Love her chub & how much your dog loves her! I hope our dog is good with our little one.

    1. Oh I'm sure your dog will be great with the baby! We still make a point to give our dogs lots of love although it's not as much as before. They have totally accepted the baby into our family pack :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I totally miss all the little toothless, drooly smiles! I think she looks more like you now that she's older, especially around the eyes. Beautiful. It's just truly amazing to see babies as they progress!

    1. I love the gummy, drooly smiles :) You think she's looking more like me? YAY! A few people have said they think she will have a reddish tinge to her hair like me :)

  3. What a gorgeous little smile!

  4. You were simply born to me a mother!

  5. Oh my gosh! She has gotten so big! Adorable!!

  6. Those chubby thighs! I love chubby baby thighs!
    This post makes me smile. So glad you are feeling so confident in yourself. I agree - who cares what anyone else is doing with their kid? You have to do what is right for you and your family. I cannot be bothered to get all caught up in the mommy wars. If someone asks my advice, I am happy to give it, but I generally don't offer anything unsolicited. I also think it was right around 4 months that I was REALLY nostalgic for them being newborn and missing that, but now I just love to see them learn new things all the time (but I do still miss the tiny-ness sometimes)


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