Monday, 29 September 2014

A Day In My Life...

Everyone else is writing these A Day in the Life posts, but every time I start, I stop documenting because it's too much work. I decided I really want to finish it today though, because it might be nice to look back on... What follows is an extremely detailed play by play of a day at home with my 4 month old. If that doesn't sound boring to you, read on!

6:45: Andino's alarm goes off. He gets up first. I lay in bed for a minute before I hear Paloma making sounds in her room. I ask Andino to go pick her up while I feed the dogs & grab myself a glass of water. She's been sleeping since 8:30 last night! (I Le Paused a few times through the night, but never actually got out of bed. When I Le Paused at 5:30 a.m. it took me forever to fall back asleep because I wanted to get up & pee so badly, but I knew that if I got out of bed, the dogs & the baby would hear me rustling around and think it was time for everyone to wake up.)

6:50: Andino hands the happy baby off to me so I can change her diaper & pyjamas

6:55: Nurse & burp her.

7:10: Put Paloma in her chair to play with the toys / suck on a receiving blanket. I clean up the dishes left in the sink from last night's late supper. (I hate leaving dirty dishes in the sink) then fold & put away 2 baskets of laundry

7:30: We had whole wheat waffle sandwiches for supper last night. I use the leftover batter to make myself waffles for breakfast. Prepare my morning tea. Paloma's still in her chair, watching me eat breakfast. As soon as I'm done, I pick her up for some snuggles.

7:45: She's rubbing her eyes & yawning. Time for her morning nap. I try to put her to sleep with the pacifier but she's so not having it. Nurse her to sleep.

8:00: While she's still asleep, I transfer her to her crib. I sweep the floors & then sit down to read blogs etc. while I drink my tea.

8:45: She's up. I quickly throw a load of laundry in the wash before getting her out of her crib.

9:00: Change her diaper. Consider pumping so I can work out, but decide to wait 20 minutes and then try to feed her instead. Play with her by passing her toys & watching her chew on them & giving her lots of kisses. Grey's Anatomy is on in the background but I have her facing me & not the t.v.

9:20:  Nurse & burp. Put her in her exersaucer while I change into my workout clothes

9:30 - 10:00: I work out. (Day 57 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge) Move Paloma to her chair halfway through the workout when she got tired of the exersaucer. She laughs at my workout moves. Jumping jacks are very entertaining for her.

10:00 - 10:10: I shower. It was a good workout today. Doesn't a shower feel so great after a good workout? I leave the curtain open a bit so I can keep an eye on her..

10:15: After getting dressed, I put her in my wrap. Run downstairs to transfer the laundry to the dryer.

See her head peaking out?
10:30: She falls asleep in the wrap. I put on a bit of makeup & walk to a vitamin store near our house. Paloma wakes up 5 minutes into the walk. Maybe the cool air woke her up? She doesn't fuss though, just looks around.

11:00:  Buy my supplements & some fair trade chocolate.

11:15: Back home. Let the dogs outside. Call Andino at work to tell him he doesn't have to come home for lunch today because I don't need the car this afternoon. (We have one vehicle, so if I have errands to run, he comes home for lunch & I drive him back to work, run my errands & then pick him up from work.)

My chocolate and a hot cup of tea in my favourite mug. I poured tea into this mug 4 times before finally being able to sit down and drink it.

11:30: Change Paloma's diaper and nurse her to sleep. Since she didn't really take her 10:30 nap I don't want her to get fussy. I hold her while she naps. Begin writing this Day In The Life post.

12:20: She's still napping. I'm still holding her at the computer. Start practising French online (verbs). Research stuff for my non-profit.

1:30: Paloma wakes up. I put her in her vibrating chair in the kitchen. I make cookies while she shoves her baby book in her face. When she gets tired of doing that, I put on my French podcast lessons and practice speaking with her. Est-ce que vous parlez francais? I also dance around like the star in a broadway musical and she loves it. I wonder if anyone has walked by my window and seen me...

1:45: Dog does any and everything she can think of to get a belly rub while laying in the middle of my kitchen floor.

2:00: Cookies are in the oven. Change her diaper. Grab the laundry from the dryer and start folding. Paloma lays on my bed and watches me. I sing to her in Spanish.

2:10: Cookies are perfect. Oatmeal chocolate chip with flax seeds. I wonder if I will get any health benefit from the flax seeds, since they weren't milled. Either way, I like the crunch they add. I only made 9 and put the rest of the dough in a tupperware in the fridge.

2:15: Since the oven is hot from the cookies, I decide to put the spaghetti squash in for tonight's supper. As I am cutting it in half, I wish my Mom or Andino were here to cut it for me. I am known for knife slips resulting in bloody fingers. Half way through slicing the squash, my dogs go insane outside, barking at another dog walking by our fence. I run outside to bring them in.

2:30: Nurse & burp Paloma. Play with her while Grey's Anatomy is on in the background.

3:00: Change her very poopy diaper. I accidentally get poop on her shirt while removing her diaper, so I change her outfit too.

3:10: She spits up all over me and her clean shirt.

3:35: She's tired so I try to put her to sleep with the pacifier. This is what she thinks of that:

How mean of me was it to snap this picture instead of comforting her?!
3:37: Nurse her to sleep
This is what I wanted Mom!
3:40: Transfer her to the crib

4:10: Awake already? I think I woke her up when I flushed the toilet... I hope that the bathroom doesn't share a wall with a baby's room in our next house...

4:15: Put her in the wrap so I can get supper going.

4:15 - 4:45: While cooking supper, I talk to Paloma about what I'm doing. "Now, I'm going to add the collard greens..." I think about how different this Day in the Life post would have been 10 weeks ago, when Paloma was 7 weeks old... 

4:50 -5:00: Read to Paloma

5:05: Daddy's home!! Everyone is happy to see him...

5:10 Change Diaper. Book Hotel in Toronto for upcoming vacation.
5:15 - 5:30:  Eat supper

5:45 - 6:30: Andino has to go downstairs to paint the basement so I decide to take the dogs for a walk. Paloma tries out her BOB stroller for the second time. She seems to like it even though she fell asleep in her car seat and I woke her up when I moved her to the stroller...

6:30 - 6:45: Paloma cries the whole way home. I tried to give her the pacifier but she didn't want it. I was heartbroken for her by the time I pulled into the garage. I don't know if she's crying because she's hungry, tired, hates the car seat or all three!
6:45: Nurse & burp. Play with her toys and read to her for a little while. I have some milk & cookies.
7:15: Bathtime
7:30: Nurse to sleep. Swaddle her and lay her down in her crib. She wakes up a bit but falls back asleep on her own.
8:00: Finish this blog post! Now, I'm going to go downstairs and hang out with Andino while he finishes painting for the day. 


  1. I am exhausted just reading this!~ You have such a beautiful family though and I love the ideas you came up with on sharing development time with your daughter!

  2. Love it!!! Our days sound pretty similar! Does Paloma prefer being carried on your back?? Millie is still too small for that, but it will be fun to have the option when she's a little bigger!

  3. What a busy day! The photos of her are perfect - even the one where she is crying. I think it's good to showcase all of her emotions. It brings her personality through the blog. I also think you are a fabulous Mama! Never be too hard on yourself, you are clearly doing an incredible job! I hope that I have this much energy when I become a Mom!

  4. Paloma is Sooooo cute!! I love reading these posts :)

  5. Love that picture of her in the hat as well as the one with her peaking over your back!

  6. Thanks for sharing your day and pictures. You are a great mama ! Only 9 cookies ? I would have made Andino a whole batch :)

  7. Wow, you're like WonderMom! You're doing an awesome job!

    Are you using the wrap like a rebozo/sling in the pics? I'd love to see your collection of carriers.

    PS I'm happy to see some of our old baby stuff being reused. :)

    1. HA! You know me... I'm not wonder Mom! lol

      Yes, I love using the wrap like a rebozo. I actually sold all my carriers and purchased a second wrapsody because I like that one so much. I still have a beige chimparoo wrap, but I think I'm going to sell that one too.

      I use SO MUCH of the stuff you have given me, either from your baby or as gifts. I guess that's one perk of having a baby after you! ;)

  8. I ALWAYS take pictures of Molly crying... and sometimes videos (!). It's just so cute! I think she'll want to see her sad face when she grows up, and her happy face too.

    Your day sounds awesome, and I loved all the photos. Especially the sad face! She's adorable. I'm also jealous of your stamina and commitment to a bikini body. I was just about to open a package of M&M's and now I'm not :)

  9. I so want to do one if those posts. I am SO impressed you made cookies and cooked dinner! I can hardly manage cooking at all! What kind of wrap are you using? I'm currently in love with my wrap conversion Tula :)

  10. Damn girl! You are so busy! You keep that little girl going!! Good for you. Experiences are so important for little guys. Love watching her grow! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  11. That's so cool! I loved having the peek into your life. And reading about how you manage with only one car. I wish we could figure out a way to do that. Although since we have done nothing to get a second car I guess we will be figuring it out LOL!

  12. Even after doing my own Day in the Life, I still am exhausted reading about everyone's day. I am impressed with your ability to fit in a workout, shower and cooking dinner. A year in and we still barely manage to cook. Although, if I'm being honest, we didn't cook all that much before the babies, now we just have an excuse. Still, I am impressed with how much you get done outside of taking care of baby.

  13. She is so cute!!! Even with the crying all the way home, Paloma sounds like a very easygoing baby to me! I am impressed that you are able to shower, cook, AND exercise throughout the day!


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