Thursday, 24 July 2014

The S word

Paloma will be 2 months old in a few days and I received an email from Lucie's List  suggesting it's time to put my girl on a schedule. There us a ton of information out there about which schedule is best for baby and strong opinions on whether or not a schedule is even needed at all. I loved receiving Lucie's List emails during pregnancy and in the first few weeks after Paloma was born. If you are reading this and you are pregnant, I suggest you sign up. Her weekly emails always seemed to cover the topic I had been thinking about that week. But this week? I don't know... I find schedules more stressful than just going with the flow. Paloma has been doing her nights for about a week and a half now, so why mess with a good thing? I admit I toyed with the idea of a schedule for a few hours this morning after receiving the email, because I can see how it would simplify your life in some ways knowing when to expect the baby to be napping, but a schedule just didn't feel right for us. Paloma still eats every 2 hours during the day (more or less) because she goes so long without eating at night. When she yawns, I put her to sleep, when she's hungry I feed her & when she's neither of those things we entertain her. We loosely follow the Eat, Activity, Sleep routine but we're definitely not strict about it. 

Even though we don't have a schedule, we do have routines. I read to her everyday  (but not at the same time.) We go for a walk everyday (unless it's raining) and we have a bed time routine. I feed her at 7:30 & 8:30, then bathe her and feed her again at 9:30 so she's nice and full for the long night ahead. Other than that, we just go with the flow during the day. If I want to get some errands done, I feed her, burp her, hold her for a bit so she doesn't spit up in her car seat and then go. She will usually fall asleep in the car seat & will stay asleep after I put her in the wrap while I do some shopping or whatever. Pretty simple stuff, so to me it seems like a schedule would only complicate things because I'd be watching the clock instead of watching her cues. Maybe when she's a bit older she will make her own day time schedule. As my sister in law told me today, it's better to be feeding her all day than all night! 

Andino and I have kind of started our own parenting routine too. We didn't plan it out or anything, but usually I feed her before he comes home from work so she's ready to go another couple hours without needing me. He will take her and entertain her while I get a few things done around the house. He's also the one who usually bathes her at night. 

And in the middle of all we do for Paloma, we try to include our fur babies as much as possible. 


  1. I obviously have no experience, but I say if things are going well for you guys now, why change anything? P might put herself on her own schedule in a few months, or you might find the need to make one for her, but I don't think there's a reason to start one now when you guys have a groove. I love seeing pictures of her and your family, she's just too cute!

    Also, I see a cloth diaper in some of your pictures. How's that going? We're wanting to cloth diaper as well and I love picking other mama's brains about how it's going for them!

  2. It sounds like things are going great, so I agree: why mess with a good thing? Cute photos!

  3. You do what you feel is best. That's always the right thing to do. She's so cute. She sure has some adorable chub!!!

  4. Um, you have a schedule. It may not be exactly the way other people have schedules, but it is a routine. And it's working. Stick with what is working. It will be modified as she grows, but as long as you're not going crazy, don't fret.

  5. I agree with Cristy. You have to do whatever works for you and Paloma.

  6. Schedule by two months?! Oh no... Im with you... Not so ready for that!!

  7. Love the pics! You both look so rejuvenated and full of life after having that baby girl! (Not that you weren't before... but you know what I mean.)

    I think a routine is good. That's basically what we did, just a flow and predictability to the day really helps I think. You also sounds like you're learning to read her cues so well... I had a learning curve with that. At first I thought everything was hunger.

    It's awesome baby P is sleeping pretty well at night! I've read so many crazy stories about kids not leaning to sleep until they're 5 or something. It took around 4 months for Sofia to sleep 5-6 hours in a row. Around 8 months she was only waking up once a night to nurse, which isn't too bad.

    Sounds like you're doing an amazing job! :)

  8. I keep commenting and it gets erased. But in summary: babies are not robots, and I think this "scheduling" is in part for the convenience of parents. I think it is a very modern idea too.
    Yes, routines are important, but from what I can read you have those already.
    Follow your girl and go with the flow. Try to understand ¨/ learn her cues, make sure she gets her much needed sleep.
    Yu has some kind a "flexible" routine. She takes naps every 3-4 hours (though sometimes every 2), when she wakes up she gets a new nappy, then breastmilk, then play time, and then sleep. But the sleep can happen in many places: in her crib, in her bassinet while on a walk, in her kangaroo carrier. And she is way more active between 6-9 pm (where no matter what we do, she won't sleep, but be awake, playing, happy. It's when we read to her, do floor time, bathe her).
    She went from sleeping through the night(well from 21h30 - 22h to 5-6h am) in May, to waking up betwen 2-4 am for a feed these days. But I hope she will outgrow this as well.
    All I am saying i guess, is do what's best for you.
    Nothing is so rigid, and after a couple of major freakouts at the beginning of this motherhood journey I refuse to believe any voices that say: "if you don't do this or that, your baby will never ----- and the damage will be permanent". People get scary categorical and absolute with their choices and I like to believe we can mix it up a bit, do a little bit of this, a little bit of that as opposed to getting fundamentalist with a particular parenting theory or technique.
    You are doing great!

  9. I had a conversation with a nurse just yesterday about routines vs. schedules. I think it would be so challenging to stick to an actual schedule. What about appointments that randomly get thrown into the middle of your schedule? Then you are off for the entire day! Besides that, every single time I think we have things figured out and get a routine going, the babies tend to change the rules and you have to figure something new out that works with their new developmental milestones. I think you are doing a wonderful job and have figured out what works best for your little family. It's never bad to try something new, but only if it's needed! I LOVE your pictures of you and Andino with Paloma. You truly have a beautiful family!


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