Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bacon Grease or Fish?

Tonight is the last night of our prenatal classes. I always used to joke that I felt sorry for whoever had to sit next to me in class because Thursday is seafood night at our house so I probably smell like fish at every class. One night I made fish with leeks and my breath smelled so bad that every time I whispered to Andino he would make a face like he was passing out and I would laugh so hard! But tonight, I am making pizza instead of fish because pizza night is our favourite and we are going to miss it tomorrow. As I was standing in front of the stove frying bacon for our mushroom & bacon pizza I wondered what's worse- smelling like bacon grease or fish?

So this is a big week. Not only are we going to be finished our prenatal classes, but I am now considered full-term! Our midwife did a home visit yesterday. I've been measuring 1 week behind all through my pregnancy, but last week I was measuring 2 weeks behind. I could tell at our last visit she was considering sending me for an ultrasound but decided to give me another week. I was still measuring on the small side this week so she wants me to go in for an ultrasound just to make sure everything is okay. I'm (surprisingly) not very worried about it. I don't think fundal height measurements are completely accurate. I am still waiting for her to call me and let me know when my ultrasound will be.

I find it hard to believe that  THIS:


is on the small side. Because I feel anything but small right now! 


  1. Oh wow, full term! Exciting. You look beautiful. I will be thinking of you these days. We often did not have time to eat before our prenatal classes, and ended up there munching a sandwich. But, at least we weren't the only ones.

  2. Wow! Congrats on making it full-term. That's a big accomplishment.

  3. Wow it's a crazy feeling to be finished prenatal classes eh?

    PS I would totally sit next to you if you smelled like bacon! lol


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