Monday, 3 March 2014


I've been thinking about photography lately. I was getting into the hobby last summer and it was fun to read tips and tricks on how to create better photos. Some people are such naturals and take incredible photos with no training at all because they have the eye for photography. That's not me. But I do think that with some practice, a decent camera and a basic knowledge of photography I could take some nice photos. With winter's arrival I stopped practicing, but here are a few of my favourites from last summer:

[caption id="attachment_555" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_4756 Relaxing at home in the Maritimes...[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_554" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_4712 A wheat field in PEI[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_553" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_4450 I love how he hops like a bunny in the tall grass[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_552" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_4448 My big slobbery girl[/caption]

I contacted a professional photographer to have maternity photos taken, but we decided against it. We really want to have a newborn photo shoot and we can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on a professional photographer twice in the span of a couple months. However, we may end up having Andino's friend who is an amateur photographer take the photos because I really want to have photographs of me pregnant and I feel kind of awkward posing for photos like this and asking Andino to "take a picture of me!"

[caption id="attachment_557" align="aligncenter" width="189"]6 months Date night last Saturday[/caption]

I'm hoping to get ourselves a good quality camera and a tripod before baby girl arrives. We haven't upgraded our camera in almost 5 years so I think it's time anyway. Baby Makin' Machine has some great photography tips that have gotten me inspired. I especially like her tips for taking self-portraits with your kids. I love the idea of having a tripod with a self-timer and a portable camera (I don't want a DSLR because they are too bulky for my needs) so I can snap a few shots whenever the mood strikes me. Have you read Huffington Post's article The Mom Stays in the Picture? I found it quite touching. Plus, if we had a tripod and a good camera with a self-timer, Andino and I could be in photos together for once! The vast majority of our vacation photos are of just me (Andino is actually the photographer of the family).

[caption id="attachment_562" align="aligncenter" width="300"]summer2011 111 Cuba 2011[/caption]

When I was putting together our adoption photo book I was hard-pressed to find enough nice photos of Andino when he wasn't performing with his band. Speaking of photo books - that's my plan. I really enjoyed putting together the photo book for our adoption and I want to start making one each year. We aren't the type of people to have family photos in frames around our home, but I love photo books. We got a photo book as a wedding gift from Andino's cousin & wife and I love it. It's the best memento of the wedding we have, a small hard cover book filled with photos of our wedding that we can easily pull out to reminisce.

Anyone have some good photography advice/tips they want to share? Suggestions on a good little camera that's not crazy expensive?



  1. Beautiful photos!! I can't believe you're at the 3rd trimester mark. You look amazing!!

  2. notpregnantandpissed3 March 2014 at 04:44

    You look so cute! Your hair has really grown out too! We are getting a new camara in preb for baby also. A tripod is a good idea...I'll have to talk to my husband about that. I am lucky and have a couple of friends that are amazing photographers so I'm already planning a baby/family photo shoot...I'm excited for baby/doggie photos!

  3. make sure your camera has the ability to take video. It is so handy to catch those special moments :)

  4. First of all I want to say your a hot Mama!

    The Cannon Rebel is a popular compact DSLR, I've always liked Nikon and Pentax (old fashioned SLR) cameras but I haven't looked into the price of newer compact ones. You could probably check on Ebay for a used compact camera. If you end up getting a fancier camera for cheep somewhere a 50mm lens is a good all purpose size.

    The only tips I have are to photograph what interests you, bring your camera everywhere (don't loose it) and snap what you enjoy.
    Try different angles and distances from the subject, with digital you don't have to worry about wasting film to find the prefect shot! :)

  5. We are registering for a camera too! It's the perfect time to get one, I think. Good luck on the photography! I need to learn a few tricks too, rather than just using an iPhone...

  6. Thanks girlfriend! I can't believe it either! haha

  7. I can't wait for baby/doggy photos either! I bet we can find a tripod on ebay for a good price... And thanks for noticing my hair! It's taken a year to grow it out but it's finally getting there.

  8. Very good point! Cameras are so different nowadays, they have high quality photo AND video capacity!

  9. awww thanks sis!

    Those are some really good tips - thanks so much! I can always count on you for artistic advice :) I will look into ebay for sure...

  10. There is so much information on the internet, you can learn a fair amount without even registering for a class!

  11. Jealous! I want to play in your wheat field and go to Cuba. That is all. J/K… your photography is beautiful and so is your bump. You look really happy.

  12. Thanks Jessah! Hopefully my photography improves and I have some even better photos this summer :)

  13. I absolutely love the wheat field picture. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. I would really really like a camera too, but am having to settle for my dinky iPhone camera for now due to lack of funds! I can't wait to see pics of your family when the time comes! I love lookin at pictures. I also love your idea of doing a photo book a year. I may just have to do that. I used to scrapbook, but I can never keep up with all the pictures I take!


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